World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Construction Workers have the highest rates of suicide in the country and today MPG are taking time out to recognise World Suicide Prevention Day which is on the 10th September each year.

MPG recognise suicide is a complex and deeply personal issue and the most practical thing available to all of us is to encourage conversation and listen actively.
MPG are showing everyone the short video today "On the Edge - Suicide Prevention" and inviting other trades to do the same. Helplines are displayed around all of our sites and through organisations like the Lighthouse Charity, we have trained Mental Health First Aiders and encourage all of our personnel to take time to look out and listen without judgement to reduce the historical stigma associated with Mental Health illness, including strong suicidal thoughts.

Michael Gavin commented: "A recent study has found male suicides are now at their highest level in two decades and suicides peaked in the 44 to 55 age category, In construction we lose two workers every single day to suicide! We all have a responsibility to up our game to enable those in need to have the resources available to them for much needed help. If these deaths were accidents on sites we would be putting measures in place to prevent them. Just because these deaths mainly happen away from site does not negate our responsibility ! As an industry we must come together to double our efforts in our endeavour to ensure there is no stigma attached to mental health illness and asking for help is a sign of strength".

The Lighthouse Charity can be reached at any time on 0345 6051956

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