St George Football Competition

MPG were delighted to participate in the latest St George Trophy for the 3rd year running. Michael, Terry and the rest of the team had a great time and won 3 out of 5 games played, drawing the other two, and narrowly missing out in progressing to the final after a thrilling penalty shootout. Our two strikers Michael and Ionut both scored in nearly every game, whilst Will, Stefan, Terry, Danny and Relu completed the team. The day in Wimbledon was made even better as it was also to raise funds for the SPEAR Homeless Organisation via the Berkeley Foundation. For more information please visit their websites at and

Team Manager, Terry Raddon was asked for his thoughts:

"This is just the beginning! With a lot more hard work on the defensive front, this MPG team could go far! It was a valiant effort from all involved and with a few adjustments and possibly some additional quality members, we could win a trophy! Next year we shall be pushing for a final spot and penalties will not be an option."

We look forward to next years trophy.