MPG invests in new and improved PPE

MPG invests in new and improved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

After extensive research into improving it's Personal Protective Equipment, MPG have identified EVolite Helmets as the most resilient and suitable on the market while Stealth 9000 safety glasses are deemed a superior safety spectacle. MPG's commitment to improving Safety and Health for all its staff and operatives is not about complying with legislation but going the extra mile and providing the optimum in PPE technology.

The safety helmets and glasses are made of high quality materials and while they cost in excess of three times the standard PPE alternatives, the directors of MPG had no hesitation in making it company policy and that all staff and operatives be provided with the upgraded equipment.

The key features of the new equipment are outlined below.


helmet1 helmet2

The EVOLite® Skyworker™ helmet has a suspension system and shell structure that has been designed to be used for industrial, mountaineering, rescue and leisure activities. Meeting the EN12492 standard. A helmet complying to the mountaineering standard is impact tested with two 5kg strikers. A hemispherical striker is dropped from 2 metres onto the crown of the helmet and a flat striker from 500mm on to the front, rear or side by tilting the headform to 30°. In all cases, the transmitted force through the neck of the headform must not exceed 10kN. Two penetration tests with a 3kg pointed striker are also performed within a 50mm radius of the helmet's crown without making contact with the headform.

Feedback from staff and operatives was that the new hats were lighter, comfortable, and the 4 point chin strap allowed a better fit and overall were more practical.



The Stealth™ 9000 is a lightweight safety spectacle, weighing just 25g, with a wraparound 9 base curve Polycarbonate lens. The slim stylish temples have been co-injection moulded with soft rubber to increase grip and provide excellent comfort levels. All of the Stealth™ 9000 safety spectacles come with class 1 optical lenses and block 99% of ultraviolet radiation.

Feedback from staff and operatives was that sports style flexible rims were more comfortable than the traditional glasses, there is no slippage when wearing the glasses as the soft nose bridge was adjustable , The anti mist and anti scratch features were a major positive.