MPG Invest in Power Lift Equipment

MPG working with Stark Arvid have invested in new power lifting trucks and trestles. The investment in the region of twenty five thousand pounds is in support of MPG’s health and safety initiatives and in particular to minimise manual handling of heavy loads of plasterboard. The equipment is currently in operation at the New London Embassy and Abel House projects and has been welcomed by clients and operatives. At the point of delivery the powerlift truck enables the boards to be transported through the site directly to the work face. The truck allows a single person to load up to 1200 KG of plasterboard . The electric drive system has traction in both rear wheels which allows it to manoeuvred across rough surfaces and reduce the load on the user. When plasterboard is taken into the building the power lift truck is a natural link between the In lift Frame, as it easily fits under , and the Trestles where the plasterboard is stored ready for installation. The stacking of plasterboard horizontally on the trestles miminises the risk of boards falling that is common when stored vertically and not secured. The battery within the Power Lift Truck will typically last a normal working day and is easily rechargeable.


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The Trestles allow the materials to be stored off the floor area and the boards can be stored in the work area at the correct working level. The use of the trestles free up the trucks for other needs. The benefits of using the Trestles are ease of movement, less strenuous lifting or risk of trips and falls, increasing overall safety levels. When Trestles are not in use they are easily stored on a Trestle Stand that holds up to 100 Trestles.

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