Face Fit Testing Training

MPG have recently carried out training for all project staff in Face fit testing. As part of MPG's continuous improvement initiative in site safety and occupational health this training has been welcomed by clients and operatives alike.

facefit1 facefit2 facefit3

The HSE as part of their wider communication highlighted the risk of disease from overexposure to dust with the result of individuals suffering from disabilities and even death in some instances. The idea of the Face Fit testing is to understand that each face is shaped differently and therefore each mask is to fit each individual. The mask must have an effective seal to ensure there is no ability for dust particles to be inhaled.

The training focuses on testing each individual wearing a mask after they have been trained to correctly put the mask on and replicating a scenario of movements that would happen in a normal working day. Bitrex, a harmless substance. is released into the hood of the mask they are wearing to test the individual fit - any failures in the fit an alternative mask is then tested until the correct fit is achieved.