5 Million Hours RIDDOR free

The Chelsea Creek Project has achieved 5 Million RIDDOR free hours.

MPG have been part of the St George, Chelsea Creek, Imperial Wharf Project for many years, currently on blocks G and H, previously Block F and prior phases and are proud to be an integral part of it's fantastic Safety Culture.

This is a great achievement which is thanks to all the hard work put in by the entire team.

Workers on site say this site is among the best they have ever worked on, the attention to detail is remarkable and several areas stand out including excellent welfare facilities, the public reflection of the site,  cleanliness and willingness to work together, workshops presented such as Working at Height , perimeter and fall protection, logistics and recycling and extremely well planned exclusion zones.

The team at MPG , led by our Project Leader Terry, always put Health and Safety first and make sure they look after not only themselves, but everyone on site, collectively creating a safe place to work.

Terry summed it up: "It's a pleasure to work on a well-planned and structured project. MPG along with St George pride themselves on working safely and co-ordinating with all those on site. Congratulations, to all of our onsite operatives, who listen and participate in ensuring everyone is kept safe and working in a pleasant environment"