20 Fenchurch St - Old and New

The ultra modern "Walkie Talkie" building is looking magnificent as it nears completion, but hidden away around the corner is an equally incredible structure. St Mary-at-Hill Church (www.stmary-at-hill.org) is built on consecrated land dating back to the 12th Century. The Church was severely damaged in 1666 (the Great Fire started a few hundred yards away) and completely renovated by 1677 at the cost of £3,980. Another fire in 1848 damaged the ceiling and interior walls,renovation followed, only to be ruined in 1988 by yet another fire. Restored again, visitors are very welcome, and even allowed to eat their sandwiches in the Church during lunchtime Organ Recitals.

Now in 2013 MPG workers are giving up their time to restore the remaining internal areas of the church. Colin Wells, Andy Baker, Dave Butcher and other members of the team will be starting work in the next few weeks and we look forward to publishing pictures "before and after". Watch this space!