HSE Information

MPG believe the welfare of our employees and others on and around our projects is of paramount importance. We operate a highly effective health and safety culture in conjunction with efficient operating procedures, continuously seeking new ways to improve the high standards already in existence throughout the business.

General Health and Safety Information

Our vision for health and safety is "to be leaders in the creation of a culture where we eliminate worker injury", We aim to achieve our vision through:

· knowledge sharing and training

· challenging each and everyone to continuously seek new ways and ideas on improving health and safety

· Living the MPG Values

Health and Safety Initiatives

Below are the initiatives and standards that have been adopted consistently across our business:

· Key Performance Indicators

· Sixty Second Check List

· Behavioral Safety and Awareness Programme

· Near Miss Reporting


Our vision for environmental and sustainability "to be leaders in the reduction of waste and minimizing the impact our activities have on the environment" We aim to achieve our vision through

· Reduced consumption of materials and or land

· Use of recycled building materials where possible

· Focusing on design to value, engineer and eliminate waste from the construction process

· Making use of energy efficient machinery and equipment

· Being committed to continuous improvement and prevention of waste and pollution

· Living the MPG values