Pre-Employment Training with Sir Robert McAlpine

Janine Jasper of Sir Robert McAlpine sent the following email to MPG in regard to the CURRV project:

"This is a short note to thank you for your continued support of the community initiatives we are undertaking in Croydon. The pre-employment scheme we organised in December has been extremely successful; without your co-operation and support, we would not have the results we have. Of the 10 unemployed people we took on, 8 of them have been offered and have accepted full time jobs on the site. This is fantastic news and the first time we have achieved such numbers on any one site. Thank you to you and your project managers for all your help. I really appreciate all your hard work and look forward to working with you in future."

Bill Power, Project Leader for MPG on the CURRV was pleased to offer two people from this scheme continued work on a subcontract basis.