Mace Film Showing - A Plastic Ocean

Reducing Single Use Plastic Waste

This week MPG staff attended a film showing the effects of plastic waste around the world, sponsored by the Mace Group.

Our World is a Blue Planet, and the oceans are becoming choked with plastic particles both large and small which become carcinogenic and ultimately end up in our food chain. 

The film, A Plastic Ocean, highlights dead birds with stomachs full of plastic, entire island paradises becoming rubbish dumps and turtles and whales dying from ingesting plastic in large quantities.

As well as making a considered effort to cut our corporate use of plastic liable to end up in the ocean or landfill, Isabel McAllister, Director of Sustainability at Mace, gave us all a personal challenge of removing all single use plastic purchases from our shopping for at least one month. The task not only includes bags of tomatoes, paper bags, milk and frozen food but even shampoo, nappies and other hygiene items. Our presentation team of Mace Sustainability specialists managed to get by with only 7 single use items in a month. Where this is an astounding  feat, MPG employees are all asked to try it out for themselves in February and we will see how easy or difficult we find it for ourselves.

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